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Q. Do heavier goals need to be anchored even though it is already difficult to move them? A. Yes! All goals, without exception, must be anchored. A goal’s weight does not correlate to how well it is balanced and therefore must be anchored.

Q. Once a goal is anchored, is it fully secured? A. No. You should take extra precautions with portable goals by locking the goals face to face and/or to a permanent structure after play has finished.

Q. Is it true that soccer goals will not tip over unless they are moved or climbed on? A. No. Unanchored, portable, and/or lightweight goals are all capable of tipping over during high winds, especially those with nets attached to the frame.

Q. When do the majority of soccer goal tip-over related injuries occur? A. Most soccer goal-related injuries occur when organized soccer play is over. Most injuries occur during transport of goals when goals are being used for unapproved purposes or during pick-up soccer.

Q. Will homemade goals that match the manufacturer’s designs or styles act as a suitable replacement for professionally manufactured goals? A. No. The CPSC reports a majority of incidents involving serious or even fatal tip-over accidents involve “homemade” goals that have been made by shop classes, custodial staff, or local welders, who are not fully aware of proper anchoring techniques and safe counterbalancing goal designs.

Q. Will padded goals reduce injury if a goal tips over? A. No. Padding will not protect a person from injury if a goal tips over.

Q. If a soccer goal is labeled as a tip-resistant goal does it still require anchoring? A. Yes. There are no known counterbalancing measures for portable or movable soccer goals that can guarantee with 100% certainty that a goal will remain tip-resistant under every possible usage scenario.

Q. I’ve learned that some states have enacted laws regarding soccer goal anchoring and performance standards for soccer goals. How do I know if my state has passed any soccer goal safety legislation? A. It is strongly recommended that you touch base with your local government representative, who will be able to update you on the statutes of the latest soccer goal safety legislation in your area.