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Soccer Net Size Guide

Which net should you buy?

Buying a net isn’t a difficult process, but there are multiple features you should keep in mind when buying a new net or replacing an old one.

If you have previously purchased a Kwik Goal soccer goal, visit the specific goal’s product page to find the recommended replacement net.

If your goal is not a Kwik Goal product, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a Kwik Goal net.

Net Size – Nets come in standard sizes to fit with goal frames. If you have a 6.5’x12’ goal, then you will need a 6.5’x12’ net.

Net Base and Net Depth – It is important to know the shape and dimensions of your goal when choosing a net. There are three different shapes of goal frames on the market – box style, a goal with depth, and a goal without depth.

Net dimensions are displayed height x width x depth x base, so make sure they match up with your goal’s dimensions. If you are unable to find a net to fit the exact dimensions of your goal, it is okay to buy a net with slightly bigger depth and base measurements.

Rope Size – The durability, performance, and price of a net is determined by the thickness of the rope. A more economical net will have a 2.4mm rope, while the top-of-the-line nets have a 3mm or 4mm rope.

Mesh Width – The tightness of the net mesh also affects the net’s performance and durability. The most common net mesh (a single square within the net) is 120mm wide, while other nets have tighter knits, at 3 1/2″ or 2″.

Net Accessories – Kwik Goal has a multitude of net accessories to help secure the net to the frame and add stability. Check out some products we recommend to help you secure your net!