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6 1/2H x 18 1/2W x 2D x 6.5B, 3 1/2″mesh, 3mm, Braided Knotless

$165.00 Per Net

Per Net
  | Item #: 3B6824

The 3B6824 is a junior-sized, high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) net with depth at the top. The HTPP material is treated to resist UV rays better than standard polyethylene.  This net features a 3 ½” mesh and a 3mm solid braid, knotless rope. This net also meets entrapment prevention requirements of playground safety standards and is available in white only.

Dimensions 6.5H x 18.5W ft
Material HTPP (high tenacity polypropylene)
Weight 5.8 lbs