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Box Auger Anchor

$455.00 Per Set

Per Set
  | Item #: 10B5303

These Box Auger Anchors are best suited for natural grass surfaces. One (1) set of the 10B5303 Box Anchors will secure any full-sized (8′ x 24′) Kwik Goal soccer goal. Each individual anchor is rated for 500 lbs. when properly installed. These Box Anchors also feature a soft, green urethane top which helps to protect the contents and minimize disruption on the surface.

For proper installation, follow these steps:

1.) Attach the box anchors to the zinc-plated, steel auger anchor pilings

2.) Attach the cable lanyard to the box anchor

3.) Run this cable lanyard out of the anchor box and around the base frame of the goal

4.) Finally, lock the cable lanyard with the keyed padlock ensuring only authorized personnel can remove the anchoring


Product Add-ons

Box Anchor T Wrench

Box Anchor T Wrench external link

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Material Urethane anchor box and steel auger piling
Finish Zinc-plated piling
Weight 13 lbs

2 boxes, pilings and hardware
Keyed padlocks to assure anchoring is removed only by authorized personnel
Goal attachment tethers