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Custom Shelter

$11,000.00 - $55,000.00 Per Shelter

Per Shelter
  | Sku: 9B5

Since the inception of Kwik Goal, we have taken great pride in putting the needs of our customers first. Back in 1980, we saw a need for an easily transportable soccer goal and Kwik Goal as we know it today was born. The same philosophy has held true over the years as we have continued to introduce new product lines and make improvements to our existing equipment. In recent years, demand for customizable products has grown and we have used that desire to fuel our very own customization processes and products. Kwik Goal now offers customizable corner flags, obstacle course markers, portable field banners, backstay banners, shelters, luxury seating and a scorer’s tower. From start to finish, our team guides you through the entire customization process including design, production and shipping.

Review our Custom Artwork Guidelines here: Artwork Guidelines – Kwik Goal

Creating your Shelter

The Kwik Goal Custom Shelter Program gives clubs and schools the chance to create a unique, professional seating option for any match field. Below are some tips to help you create the perfect shelter system for your club or school.

Portable or Portable Only (with Wheels)

Both options require anchoring to concrete footings or a concrete slab. Both direct connection and chain leash hardware is included. (A wheel kit for occasional moving of the shelters is available for purchase). The Portable Only shelter option has wheels permanently attached to the frame. Both require footings or slab to properly anchor. If you have a synthetic field, contact Kwik Goal at 800-531-4252 or email ([email protected]) to discuss your options.

Portable Only (with Wheels)

Shelter Length

Whether trying to accommodate a specific number of players and team staff or simply fitting your shelters in a certain location on the field – Kwik Goal offers a variety of lengths from 9’ to 30’ and one row or two row options. The seating numbers for the Shelters with Benches are an estimate, as the size of the players will dictate how many can fit on a bench.

Seat Type

Aluminum benches have been included with Kwik Goal shelters for many years. The molded seats are 1-piece polyethylene, UV treated seats. The luxury seats are high-end, cushioned seats that utilize marine grade fabrics. Color samples/fabric swatches can be sent to help with your selection.

Aluminum Bench
Molded Seats
Luxury Seats

Bench Colors

Molded Seat Colors

Luxury Seat Colors

Frame Colors

Kwik Goal has 8 in-stock colors and a full RAL color wheel available. Color samples can be sent to help you with your selection.



Consider general location details including:

  • Where at the facility will the shelter(s) be located?
  • Natural or artificial surface?
  • Any obstacles blocking sight lines?
  • Is there enough room between the sidelines and the field/other bordering structures?
  • Is there room to install a concrete slab for anchoring purposes?


Determine the size/type of the organization by considering:

  • What kind of organization or school?
  • Club – pro, amateur, youth or recreational
  • School – grade, middle, high, private or collegiate


Consider what features are most important:

  • Does this shelter need to have wheels?
  • How many players need to be seated? Coaches? Referees?
  • What type of seating: luxury, molded or bench?
  • What is the organization’s budget for team seating?


Consider the following:

  • We offer full wrap, individual panel wrap, post wrap, crossbar wrap.
  • Embroidery is available for luxury seating.
  • Hi-res file(s) of their team or organization’s logo?
  • What are the team/organization colors?
  • Consider adding a sponsor/partner logo?

Factory Assistance & Ordering

  • For assistance with customizing your shelter, contact Kwik Goal at 800-531-4252 or e-mail: [email protected]
  • Once the appropriate approval materials are returned, your custom deposit amount* is received, and the order placed – we can begin building your Custom Shelters.
  • Pricing, order placement, deposit and final payments will be conducted through a Kwik Goal dealer.
Custom Shelters must be stored in a secure, sheltered area when not in use or in the threat of high winds. Any weather damage to or from this equipment will not be covered under the Kwik Goal Product Guarantee.
*Deposit amount calculated based off final shelter cost
# of Rows

1 Row, 2 Rows

Seat Type

Bench, Molded Seats, Luxury Seats


30', 24', 21', 18', 15', 12', 9'


Portable, Wheels (portable only)


Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Red, White

Construction All-aluminum frame construction