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DFR-1 Rebounder

$124.00 Per Rebounder

Per Rebounder
  | Sku: 16A4501

Our newest rebounder! The DFR-1 Rebounder is ideal for developing your first touch and comfortability passing and receiving the ball. With the option of a concave or flat side, test your control with different angles and scenarios, preparing you for the unpredictability of a match. At just 8 lbs., the DFR-1 Rebounder is lightweight and collapsible making it easily portable and storable. A carry bag, “U” anchor pegs, net, net attachment bungees, frame, and hardware are all included.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 42 x 42 in
Material Steel, Polypropylene Net
  • Carry bag
  • “U” anchor pegs
  • Net
  • Net attachment bungees
  • Frame
  • Hardware