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Ground Anchor for Portable Only Shelters

$430.00 Per Set

Per Set
  | Item #: 10B8102

The 10B8102 Ground Anchor for Portable Only Shelters is used to secure Portable Only Shelter models*. This anchoring system features a steel anchor which gets concreted into the ground**, then, a removable anchoring chain is attached from the anchor to the shelter.

*  If you currently own a Kwik Goal shelter (Portable or Portable Only), please be aware these units must be anchored at all times – both while in use and while being stored.

**  Please note, while these ground anchors work best on any natural surface, if you intend to use them on an artificial surface – plan to install the steel anchor ahead of time.

Material steel anchors
Finish Zinc plated anchors
Weight 14.4 lbs