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Hex Speed Rings

$50.00 Per Kit

Per Kit
  | Item #: 16B1608

NEW to 2022! Looking for a multi-purpose speed and agility training tool to give you that split-second advantage on the pitch? The NEW lightweight, foldable Hex Speed Rings can perform as speed rings, 9″ hurdles, and an agility ladder giving you access to multiple exercises and saving space in your training or coaching bag. Connecting clips, hurdle bars, and a carry bag are included.

To build a hex ring, connect two half rings with the small clips. Use the large connector clips to connect multiple hex rings to create your own speed and agility course. The long connector clips also give the option to use a 9” hurdle.


Material High Impact PVC
Weight 4.5 lbs
  • Connecting clips
  • Hurdle Bars
  • Carry Bag