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Jumbo Disc Cones

$37.00 Per Dozen

Per Dozen
  | Item #: 6A13

Jumbo Disc Cones are best utilized in large, training sessions or practices. These highly-visible cones help players focus on improving their standard ball control, passing drills and agility training. Additionally, the molded cradle of these cones can be used to create a hurdle when combined with our Coaching Stick Hurdle Set (not included). The 6A13 Jumbo Disc Cones stand 6 inches high and 11 inches wide. Each set includes 12 cones which are available in red, blue, yellow, orange, or white.

•   4 molded cradles create a hurdle when combined with the Coaching Stick Hurdle Set (not included)

Dimensions 6H x 11W in

•  Pack of 12 per color