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Kwik Fill Anchor Bag

$97.00 Per Bag

Per Bag
  | Item #: 10B5909

An unanchored goal is an unsafe goal. No matter its size, weight or if it is actively in-use or stored away– if a goal does not have the proper anchoring system, it is not deemed safe.

The 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bags are one of the easiest methods for properly anchoring soccer goals. Simply place one (1) 50 lb. bag of pre-packaged playground sand (not included) into the anchor bag, zip it up and secure it to the bottom bar of your goal. The reinforced PVC material from which the anchor bag is made will help ensure a longer shelf-life of both the pre-packaged playground sand and the anchor bag.

Kwik Goal recommends six (6) of the 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bags (each filled with up to 50 lbs. of sand) to properly secure one, full-sized 8’ x 24’ Kwik Goal soccer goal.

To find out the proper amount of 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bags needed to anchor your goal, please contact your goal’s manufacturer.

Dimensions 2H x 14.5W x 20B in
Material Reinforced heavy-duty PVC
Weight 2 lbs