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Mini Cone & Vest Pack

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The 19A13 Mini Cones & Vest Pack is ideal for practices and other training sessions. The 19A13 Mini Cones & Vest Pack contains Deluxe Scrimmage Vests, Mini Disc Cones, and 1 Strap Cone Carrier. There are 24 Deluxe Scrimmage Vests (11 orange, 11 yellow, and 2 lime green) and there are also 50 Mini Disc Cones (25 orange and 25 yellow). The sizes available for the Deluxe Scrimmage Vests are youth and adult. The Deluxe Scrimmage Vests are machine washable because they are made of 100% nylon micro mesh.

  • 24 Deluxe Scrimmage Vests (19A1 sizes)
  • 50 Mini Disc Cones (6A14 size)
  • 1 Strap Cone Carrier