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Mini Soccer Goal

$55.00 Per Goal

Per Goal
  | Item #: 4B101

Looking for a goal to use in the house? In the office? The Mini Soccer Goal is ideal for playing in any indoor room! The included 5″ foam soccer ball is lightweight and soft, providing a safe and fun playing environment for all ages.

The Mini Soccer Net replicates a full-size model and contains a PVC pipe frame, fiberglass rods, and a nylon / HTPP net for maximized durability. The 15”H x 24” W x 12”D x 12”B allows for use in most size spaces. The goal features a no-tool assembly and takedown, making it easily portable and storable.

Dimensions 15H x 24W x 12D x 12B in
Material PVC Frame, Fiberglass Rods
Weight 1.5 lbs