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Player Speed Kit


Per Kit
In Stock | Sku: 16A911

The 16A911 Player Speed Kit is an essential collection for overall training and conditioning. The 16A911 Player Speed Kit includes one agility ladder (16A601), twelve Deluxe Speed Rings (16B1605), four 6” Speed Hurdles (16A4308), and one Resistance Chute (16A1701). The agility ladder allows you to concentrate on drills associated with explosive first steps, agile training, and balance. Speed rings create drills that focus on strength, stability, and visual training. Speed hurdles help you work on vertical jumps and fast paced change of directions. The resistance chute develops leg strength by offering up to 15lbs. of resistance when sprinting.


  • 1 Agility Ladder (16A601)
  • 12 Deluxe Speed Rings (16B1605)
  • 4 each 6" Sped Hurdles (16A806)
  • 1 Resistance Chute (16A1701)