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Turf Anchors


Per Set
In Stock | Sku: 10B5401

These Turf Anchors are designed for fields featuring artificial surfaces. With >1” of subsurface penetration, the anchors are designed to minimally disrupt the playing surface and can stored completely underneath the turf when not in use.

Proper installation of these anchors includes running a cable lanyard from the anchor and around the base frame of the goal. This lanyard should then be locked with a keyed padlock (included), which ensures only authorized personnel can remove this anchoring system.

1 (one) anchor is rated at 350 lbs. when installed properly. 1 (one) set of two 10B5401 Turf Anchors will secure one Kwik Goal soccer goal.

Patent pending.  

Dimensions 24 in
Material Acetal anchor plate and stainless steel hardware

Keyed padlocks to assure anchoring is removed only by authorized personnel

Prop65 warning icon Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.