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Safety Standards


The CPSC is responsible for protecting the general public from unreasonable risks of injury and/or death that can be associated with the use of various kinds of consumer products. In regard to soccer goal safety, the CPSC has established very specific guidelines for the installation, use and storage of full-sized, movable soccer goals. These guidelines are a genuine effort to help prevent future deaths and serious injuries that can result from soccer goal accidents.  The CPSC also hopes that these guidelines will continue the effort to raise awareness regarding the dangers associated with unanchored soccer goals and soccer goal misuse. The guidelines are published in a handbook as well as via a printable PDF document which can be found following this link.


ASTM International is an organization similar to the CPSC but operates on a global scale. Over 12,000 global ASTM-set standards are currently in operation. These standards are designed to help build consumer confidence by creating stronger product quality, enhancing health and safety standards as well as increasing access to trade. 

ASTM International has developed two main standards in relation to soccer goal safety:

  1. ASTM F2950-14 (Safety and Performance Specification for Soccer Goals)
    • This standard establishes that any and all soccer goals weighing more than 40 lbs. are required to follow specified anchoring instructions in an effort to reduce injury and fatality.
  2. ASTM F1938-98
    • The scope of this standard applies to creating safer use of movable soccer goals by requiring the appropriate pegs/stakes are utilized in securely anchoring goals.