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Safety Videos

Kwik Goal Safety

Our equipment is manufactured to the strictest goal industry and recreational equipment standards. Conditions of normal use and foreseeable abuses are analyzed. These tests not only ensure the safety of all involved, but also verify the quality of the product.

Swing Test

The swing test is the most aggressive test to date that Kwik Goal has developed to test a soccer goal’s overall strength. The swinging of a 405 lb. weight is meant to simulate the potential real life misuse of a soccer goal by children climbing on the goal’s frame.

Protrustion and Entrapment Test

The product design and research team at Kwik Goal realize that a soccer goal is considered by many unauthorized users as a piece of playground equipment. To ensure that the goal provides the highest level of safety for all users, Kwik Goal will look to other industry testing standards.

Horizontal Pull Test

The horizontal pull test is one of the tests called for in the ASTM F2950-14 Standard Safety and Performance Specification for Soccer Goals. This test determines the strength of the goal’s material, connections and anchoring.

Vertical Pull Test

Kwik Goal tests it’s goals to the highest standard through the Safety First program. Like the horizontal pull test, the vertical pull test is part of the ASTM F2950-14 testing protocol and is performed to measures the goal’s crossbar material strength and connection strength.