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Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms

Please be aware that by accessing, browsing, or using our official website ( (hereafter referred to as “website”) you are agreeing, in full, to the “Terms of Use” outlined in detail below. By continuing to access, browse or otherwise use our website you agree to comply with and be bound by the following “Terms of Use.”

DISCLAIMER: If, for any reason, you do NOT agree with these “Terms of Use”, you should no longer access, browse or use (

COPPA: Kwik Goal LTD, its proprietors and relevant team members do not knowingly or willingly collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from children under the age of 13. Every user is required to be at least 13 years of age in order to access, browse, use or create an account on ( Please refer to our “Privacy Policy” for more detail on this matter.

Governing Law

The following “Terms of Use” are governed by the laws of the United States of America and by the laws of the state of Pennsylvania (the state in which Kwik Goal, LTD is based and run).

Acceptable Use Policy and Intellectual Property Disclosure

Kwik Goal LTD, its proprietors and affiliated team members are the sole owners of all content and intellectual property that is available for public consumption on this website.

As a user of our website, you agree not to copy, infringe, duplicate, sell, trade, post or otherwise utilize any of the “content” posted in any form – past, present or future, on without prior, written consent from an authorized Kwik Goal representative.

“Content” includes any product-related information (description, features, specs, images, instruction manuals, related documents, and downloads), trademarks*, graphics, logos, videos and/or images.

*“Trademarked” content on the website is completely owned by Kwik Goal LTD and its proprietors and may not be used or duplicated in any manner. Kwik Goal’s trademarked content includes the following: Kwik Goal’s logo (in all formats and versions), Kwik Goal LTD’s tagline, “The Official Goal of Soccer”, Pro Premier, Fusion 120, AFR-1, AFR-2, Kwik Back, Kwik Button, Kwik Lock, Kwik Soccer, TOM, and Training Opponent Mannequin.

User Accounts  

Any user (13 years of age or older) of our website has the ability to create an account for purposes of making purchases, utilizing promotional codes and storing some personal information. You, as the user, are solely responsible for handling, storing and protecting your account information. This information may include (but is not limited to), your individual user name, password, email address and other associated log-in information.

During the account creation process and any future account maintenance, it is your responsibility as the user/account holder to ensure that you are only providing information that is both accurate and true. Falsified accounts or accounts that contain any intentional misinformation will be deactivated and deleted by an authorized Kwik Goal LTD representative.

Modification of Site

Kwik Goal LTD, its proprietors and authorized team members reserve the right to make changes to this website, “Terms of Use” policy, and “Privacy Policy”, at any given time without any prior warning, notice or respective update.

It is your responsibility as the user of this website to refer to this “Terms of Use” agreement at any time to stay up-to-date on the latest potential updates or changes in policy.

Termination Disclosure

Kwik Goal LTD, its proprietors and authorized team members reserve the right to terminate any account, without any prior notice or consent from the account holder, for any given reason including but not limited to – a user that does not abide by these “Terms of Use” or our “Privacy Policy”, a user that posts offensive or foul language, graphics, or content and/or one who is deemed harmful to the overarching Kwik Goal community and any of its affiliates or other users.  

If your account is terminated by a Kwik Goal LTD representative, you will not be able to create a future account utilizing the same email, username or password combination.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this “Terms of Use” policy, or any other matter related to our website, privacy, or accounts – please contact us via any of the following means:

Phone: 1-800-531-4252

Fax: 800-778-8869

Email: [email protected]

Online: contact form

Secure Online Shopping

When making a purchase at, please be assured that your transaction is safe.  We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to safeguard your personal and credit card information during all online transactions. SSL is a widely used, high standard of technology that encrypts and scrambles the information to secure the data when recording and receiving transactions.  Despite efforts to protect your information, no data exchanged over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Our web-based e-commerce program uses cookies to collect information about you and your order.  A cookie is a small removable data file that is stored by your web browser.  Cookies allow you to place an order on our website and allow us to enhance and personalize your shopping experience. Cookies are used to remember the items in your shopping cart, recognize your account information when logged in and study how a customer navigates throughout our site. Kwik Goal does not track any information about your use of other websites.